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Roundcube : How to purge deleted items

By default, RoundCube marks a message for deletion rather than just deleting the message. It will also do this when you move a message, (creates a copy of the message where you move it and marks the original for deletion.)

So you will see below the folder list on the left, if you click on Inbox for example, a "Compact" link. Clicking that will actually "purge" or permanently delete the messages marked for deletion or moved.

When in the trash folder, there is also an empty link that will permanently delete the messages from Trash.

If you want to change this default behavior,

  • click the "Personal Settings" link in the top right corner. 
  • Under "Server Settings", uncheck the box, "Flag the message for deletion instead of delete".
  • Click "Save" in the bottom left. 

Now when you delete a message, it will be deleted for good.

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