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Spamtitan system updates scheduled for 9/7/2016

On saturday 9/7/2016, our Spamtitan cluster will be updated to v6.12.

Release Notes: 6.12
:: SpamTitan Release Notes ::

:: Version 6.12 ::

  • Before upgrading, please read all release notes that apply to versions more recent that the currently installed version on your system
  • Required previous version is 6.11
  • Existing configuration will not be changed
  • NOTE: If installing in a cluster, you MUST apply the patch to all nodes in the cluster.
  • NOTE: Please allow 20-30 minutes for the installation.
  • NOTE: Do NOT reboot the appliance during the installation.
  • New: In addition to managing whitelists/blacklists at the global, domain and user levels, they may now additionally be managed at the Domain Group level.
  • New: User UI authentication settings, and API allowed host settings may now be optionally clustered. For backwards compatibility, these settings are not synchronized in a cluster by default.
  • New: Javascript files are now added to the default list of banned attachments to be blocked.
  • New: Minor UI improvements.
  • New: Add LDAPS support for SASL authentication.
  • New: Provide ability for Domain Group Admins to specify a period of 'This Month' and 'Last Month' for Domain Summary reports.
  • New: Give more meaningful names to reports that are sent as attachments in scheduled reports.
  • Update: Resolved several security vulnerabilities for openssl, openssh, apache, postgresql, php et al.
  • Update: ClamAV virus engine updated to 0.99.1. This includes support for parsing Hancom Office files as well as bug fixes.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the Quarantine and History pages could show different timestamps in a cluster
  • Fix: Resolved issue importing domains from file were it was not possible to specify multiple destination servers separated by comma i.e. round-robin destination servers).
  • Fix: Resolved issue where testing of LDAP based recipient verification settings may fail if password contained special characters.
  • Fix: Resolved issue manually adding new email aliases.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the creation date of archived reports was not shown correctly for domain group administrators in the timezone of the domain group.
  • Fix: Resolved issue deleting archived reports when deleting a domain.
  • Fix: Resolved race condition where domain admin setting may not be replicated correctly in a cluster.
  • Fix: Resolved issue saving correctly certain content filters when filter expression is 'contains'.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where it was not possible to specify an IPv6 address when creating a rate control rule.
  • Fix: Resolved race condition where user policies added via the UI may not always be replicated correctly in a cluster.
  • Fix: Resolved minor contrast issue in PDF reports.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where it was not possible to specify an IPv6 address in the list of allowed IPs to access the UI.
  • Fix: Resolved issue where the history may be not shown for Domain Group admins if their timezone is different from the system timezone.
  • Fix: Resolved race condition where quarantine data table may not always be displayed.
  • Fix: Resolved issue clustering a domain administrator which was added via the API.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

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